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Opportunity to develop into a better version of myself

“My experience here at IS Ruhr has been enriching and enlightening in many ways. Ever since joining the school back in 2017, I have gained humongous amounts of knowledge in many disciplines, such as the Natural Sciences and Philosophy (TOK). From learning about the innate ways our cells work to evaluating areas of knowledge, the school offered me an opportunity to develop into a much more well rounded student, critical thinker and most importantly a better version of myself. Furthermore, with the help of the teachers as well as learning partners around me, I have successfully excelled at disciplines I thought of as entirely foreign to me. As an institution, IS Ruhr not only served as a hub for fostering perseverance and academic success, but also as a proving ground for my talents, developing me into a multi-faceted person. I think this establishment will give a helping hand and kickstart one’s journey into both, future occupational and personal success.”

Class of 2022


Being able to switch between languages with ease

IS Ruhr has raised our son to be a curious and independent person with a comprehensive education. Now he has gone out into the world to England and by being able to switch between languages with ease he has immediately settled in and feels comfortable in his new surroundings. He has made friends there right away and has mastered the challenges abroad effortlessly. The teachers at IS Ruhr have supported him to learn everything he needed to achieve this.

Thank you for the wonderful years.

Gabriele and Thomas
Parents of Max, winner of the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award, 2021

Positive learning environment and
stimulation of independent thinking

“We value the school because of the positive learning environment and the encouragement to think independently. The interaction with the students is very respectful, they are not simply “learning machines” but are individually challenged and encouraged. Our children grow up at IS Ruhr to be questioning, thinking, cosmopolitan, sensitive and self-reflective young people. This is largely due to the form of teaching, which encourages students to apply what they have learned beyond the boundaries of the classroom – whether at home, in the city or with regard to a general problem. These valuable experiences have a positive impact on our children and build their self-confidence.”

Lena Kolstö
Mother of Sven and Kristoffer

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Homeland reference and cosmopolitanism

“As working parents, we experience at first hand the increasing internationalisation of our environment and the opportunities that can result from it in our respective professional fields. We have chosen IS Ruhr to open up this complex and exciting world to our son. IS Ruhr’s attractive educational program in terms of content, culture and language directly at our place of residence allows us to optimally combine a sense of home and roots with cosmopolitanism.”

Dr. Claus & Viola Ehrenbeck
Parents of Adrian

Friendly interaction between teachers and students

“Our daughter Johanna appreciates the friendly interaction between students and teachers. We find learning to work independently in small groups and the quick feedback very beneficial.”

Susanne Frey
Mother of Johanna (formerly student)


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