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25-06-2021 | PYP BLOG | BY GRADE 5

PYP Exhibition – A Journey that Shares our Passions   

‘Excited’ was the word that the 5th graders expressed as they began the academic year. They knew that the exhibition would be something that they would do and look forward to. They began their journey back in August 2020.

Platon said, ‘I have been very excited since Grade 4 and I was looking forward to doing my PYPx. Last year, when I watched everyone’s PYPx presentation, I already knew my topic and the action that I would take.’ Matthew mentioned that he felt quite nervous because he wasn’t sure how hard it would be to finish the exhibition. But at the same time, he felt excited because he thought it would also be really fun to do it.  

The 5th graders began their journey by unpacking what the PYP Exhibition (PYPx) means. Ms. Rebecca Warburton, the 5th grade class teacher, set up a timeline which provided the children with lots of opportunities to explore and develop their understanding.  They had the opportunity to have a chat with the 6th graders who positively shared about their PYPx experience. Using the visible thinking routine strategy ‘Compass Points’, they shared their worries, excitements, and things that they needed to know in order to do the exhibition. As they developed their understanding of what PYPx is and looks like, they explored opportunities and issues that matter to them and connected to their interests and passions.

After developing a clear understanding of how PYPx works, the 5th graders decided on what topic they would like to inquire into and also thought of actions that they could take. With the support of their class teacher and mentors they were diligently researching and showing lots of commitment to what they did. Throughout the process, the children demonstrated the attributes of the learner profile and approaches to learning skills.

‘I think I was reflective because I always think a lot before I decide on the next step,’ Zisan shared her thoughts.

Noyan felt that he had been an inquirer and thinker as he worked on his action and presentation. To create an animation on Scratch, he looked at YouTube tutorials and asked a grade 6 learning partner for help. ‘I had to change many things in my presentation so what I wrote makes sense for me and others,’ Noyan explained.

Baran mentioned that he felt he had gotten better at his research skills. He felt that he had found relevant information for his topic and for presentation. 

‘I think my research skills have improved and I have used these the most to find out information more efficiently as well as my self-management skills to stay organised,’ added Beta as she reflected on the skills that she developed.

Linnea echoed Beta and thought the same about improving her self management skills, particularly in using the time wisely and making plans for her action. Lillian mentioned that she remained open-minded throughout the journey and listened to her mentor’s feedback and used it.  

IS Ruhr supports PYPx, which is a shared learning community responsibility. Teachers, staff, parents, students and even people beyond the internal community support the journey. The 5th graders appreciated the support from Ms. Rebecca, their mentors, teachers, family members and other learning partners across the school.

After a long journey, the 5th graders eventually celebrated their journey as they presented their findings and understanding of their chosen topics virtually. As the children finalized their presentation, Ms. Rebecca asked them if they would like to share their PYPx with others beyond the school community. They were pleased knowing that people outside the IS Ruhr community would join and listen to their presentations. 

Noyan shared, ‘I thought it was exciting to share my knowledge with others.’  

Platon mentioned,’ I was happy and nervous. I was happy because it took me so much time and effort to prepare and complete this presentation and now finally it’s the moment when I need to show my project and work to everyone. But I was also very nervous because there were so many people not only from our school but also from outside the school like my parents, friends and other students from other school’s around the world.

Shriya added, ‘I enjoyed presenting my hard work and was pretty relieved knowing that I am finally done and I could just sit back and enjoy the rest of the presentations.’

They shared their actions which took forms – websites, books, videos, animation, an online board game. Please see this link to see their actions. 

The 5th graders felt relieved. They reflected and shared their accomplishments throughout the journey. They shared a few tips for the kids who will do PYPx.

This may be the end of their PYPx journey, but this is not the end of their passions. The children would like to continue updating their websites and sharing the books that they created with others.

To learn more about the PYPx journey they have done, you can see the timeline here

‘…The exhibition is an authentic process for students to explore, document and share their understanding of an issue or opportunity of personal significance….’ (PYP: From Principles into Practice document)




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