Oct 24


Interview with the IS Ruhr PY Choir Singers

The IS Ruhr PY Choir came to life in 2022 with just 6 members. Since then it has been growing and there are 9 singers now. So far the choir has been part of in-school performances as well as a visit to the German Red Cross Retirement Home for a sing-along with its residents. The participation in the “IS Ruhr Unplugged” event on Thursday, 26th October 2023 will be the choir’s first performance in front of a bigger audience.

Ms Karin Schistek, the IS Ruhr music teacher, leads the choir as part of the IS Ruhr’s After School Programme.



Ms Karin: Why do you sing in the choir?
Everyone: We like singing. It’s fun and relaxing.

Ms Karin: How is the choir different from singing in music class?
Aylin: In the choir we only sing and don’t do other music activities. I like that.
Lara and Melina: In the choir there are children from different classes and we like that.
Linus: In the choir we sing in the afternoon; that’s more fun than in the morning.
Loni: Singing in the choir is more relaxing, because it’s in the afternoon and not so chaotic.
Nathanael: In the choir we go straight to singing; there are no discussions beforehand.
Raissa: The choir is different, because kids here really WANT to sing and there are not so many kids.
Zoe: It’s easier to sing in the choir.
Zosia: Singing in the choir is more relaxing.

Ms Karin: Are you excited about the choir’s first performance next week?
Everyone: YES!!

Ms Karin: What will the choir sing?
Lara: Life is a Song

Ms Karin: Why did we choose this song?
Aylin: Because it’s happy and relaxing.
Lara: Because it’s in English.
Linus: Because it’s beautiful.
Loni: Because you feel good after singing the song
Nathanael: Because it’s happy and powerful.
Raissa: Because it’s an international song, a song for everybody, and for any mood.
Zosia, Zoe and Melina: Because it’s fun!




You can see the IS Ruhr PY Choir and Moke Ame live at the IS Ruhr on 26 October. Come along! We are looking forward to seeing you.









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