Dec 08

08-12-2020 | IGCSE BLOG | By Varshini | Grade 10

Audio Podcast: Press Freedom

I have completed a short podcast on “Press Freedom”. The main purpose of my podcast is to inform my classmates and the members of IS-Ruhr about press freedom. My podcast focuses on: Why is Press Freedom different in each country? And is Press Freedom important? Many people think that a certain country, like the US, has a high press freedom index but, it is a different country. I want to tell my audience about the factors that determine Press Freedom. The special thing about my podcast is how I have made it interactive by asking questions to the audience and relating the information to real life. The reason why I am talking about why Press Freedom is important is because, in many cases, investigative journalists have solved cases that police officers or the CBI couldn’t. Multiple individuals think that press freedom isn’t important. But do these people know that sometimes journalists are the only way for the members of a community to know about hidden corruption? That is why I am trying to get people to understand the importance of press freedom and respect it. My text has different varieties of information that is framed in a way which is engaging the audience. For example, my podcast contains real life events related to press freedom. My podcast also includes rhetorical questions which make the audience think more in depth about this topic. In my podcast I have focused on the facts and elaborated them, so the audience has a better understanding of the topic. These are the main reasons why I think my podcast will be effective and appealing to listen to.

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