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25-02-2021 | PYP BLOG | By Ms Yuni

Technology Integration at IS Ruhr: Using Book Creator to share research findings

As an IB PYP school, IS Ruhr commits to prepare students to take positive action in an interconnected and changing world. One of the ways that we do is to develop technology literacy through our teaching and learning process. Our PYP students (learning partners) develop these skills through relevant and meaningful integration of technology in the teaching and learning process. The PYP learning partners are not only using technology to learn (as consumers) but also to use technology to express themselves and share their ideas/understanding.

This is one of the examples of how technology integration is done in Grade 4. As a part of the ‘Who we are’ unit of inquiry, the 4th graders researched brain injury.  They researched on the topic that they chose. They used different resources such as video and digital/online books. They also used their approaches to research and thinking skills to summarize the information they got from the resources and put it on a Google document. After that, they created a digital book using Book Creator. Book Creator is a digital book-making tool that enables children to produce and publish their own books or comics with images, videos, and audio.

One of our fourth graders, Jayce Wimalathas, would like to share about his experience using Book Creator to share his research on concussion. The title of the book is ‘Concussion’. You can read the book here.

Book Creator and the Approaches to Learning skills

Jayce: I think I used my thinking skills because I was thinking about what to write and what pictures I should use. After I did the research on the topic, I used the information I put in the Google document to write the book. I have to use my own words. I also need to think of the pictures that match with the texts.

What I like about Book Creator

Jayce: What I like about Book Creator is that I can add videos and pictures to my book.  If I write it on paper, I can’t add videos and I have to draw the pictures by myself.   But Book Creator allows me to add videos and pictures. They help the readers to understand the book.

The readers of my book

Jayce: I think my book is for children up to grade 2. This will be good for them if they want to know about concussion. I have facts about concussions in my book. Perhaps people who have already had a concussion will also be interested in  reading it because I have a chapter about how to heal a concussion.

What I enjoy most when writing a book on Book Creator

Jayce: I like writing stories on the laptop because I can type fast. Until now, I wrote 4 books including the book about concussion. On Book Creator, I enjoy writing stories and adding pictures. I also like that on Book Creator I can change the background, use the shapes and record my voice. I can add videos and record myself too so the readers can also see me.

Suggestions for children if they want to use Book Creator

Jayce: I would tell them not to have a colourful background and not to add too many texts nor pictures.

The Learner Profile Attributes that I showed

Jayce: I think I have been a balanced creator because I have to make sure that the texts and pictures should be balanced and at the same time I have to be creative too. I also learn to be a thinker because I have to think of how my book looks, how the setting should be and what I should write. Using Book Creator has made me an explorer/inquirer because I have to search for the pictures and videos as well as do the research for the information I want to use in my book.

‘….Schools provide students with multiple, authentic and purposeful opportunities to learn technology, learn about technology and learn through technology…’ (Source: IB PYP: From Principles into Practice. Learning Environment. Technology in the PYP.


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