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Intern Perspective on International School Ruhr, Essen

IS Ruhr is founded on international open mindedness. The atmosphere as soon as you enter the school is warm and welcoming. Diversity is celebrated on a day-to-day basis; the students learn about who they are, they explore new cultures, they learn to respect the world we live in and to welcome and respect everyone in the world. IS Ruhr’s mission is part of a new age of education. Having attended a Catholic primary and secondary school in Ireland, being a teacher in an international school is a huge experience for me. I am envious of students who get the opportunity to attend an international school full of diversity, the PYP curriculum teaches children to build positive relationships, understand emotions, resolve conflict and explore their own learning.

The class groups are small in IS Ruhr. This means that the teacher can be more attentive and supportive to each child. In addition, because of the small class size, the classes are a close-knit community. New topics are introduced in ways that activate the students’ prior knowledge and allow them to explore their learning. IS Ruhr recognise that children’s’ needs and abilities are unique. The teachers cater for these through differentiation in their learning.

Being an intern in IS Ruhr, has been an uplifting and eye-opening experience and has further enhanced my drive to become a primary school teacher. I was consistently supported by IS Ruhr school community during every step in my teaching practice journey. I have learned more about what kind of teacher I strive to be. In my opinion, an effective teacher is responsible, knowledgeable, caring and light- hearted. All of these traits were transparent through the teachers I interacted with at IS Ruhr.

I can only attempt to express how insightful and warm-hearted my experience in IS Ruhr has been. The children are a huge aspect of that feeling. Every day was different and full of positive energy. The children love to learn and explore. Being a teacher is a responsibility, I am an educator, a counsellor, a guardian, a moral leader and a conflict mediator. I have been told about the impact teachers have on their students, but I never realised how much of an impact the children have on the teacher. I will miss all the children from IS Ruhr because of their wonderful unique personalities and kind-hearted nature. I wish the students’ and staff at IS Ruhr the very best.

By Eva Murphy | Intern at IS Ruhr | Student, International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEps), Meppel/Netherlands

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