Sep 28

08-10-2020 | CAS BLOG | By Johannes | Grade 12

Hiking during the Summer

Going for a hike is an individual activity experience, which I have done during the summer holidays. I have done this as a CAS experience because we went to Switzerland and because of the mountainous terrain, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to go hiking and commit to some activity during the summer. This experience also went well with my other “working out” activity that I have ongoing for CAS already. Because I also hiked with other people, it was also a chance to learn skills from other people and be more social, especially during COVID-19. It was also an excellent opportunity to get out of the house and also to strengthen my body, which will (hopefully) greatly benefit me in the future. By going hiking, I have discovered a new hobby and will also commit to it in the next couple of years. The learning outcomes that I have completed by conducting this CAS experience are Strength & Growth, Initiative & Planning, Collaborative Skills, Challenge & Skills, and Commitment & Perseverance.


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