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06-03-2024 | IB BLOG | BY PARSA | GRADE 11

Starting a Musical Revolution: Emma Lloyd and Karin Schistek’s Dynamic Duo

The collaboration between Emma Lloyd and Karin Schistek is a colorful example of the magic that happens when two musicians come together to pursue sound exploration. They set off on their voyage in 2013 during the centenary celebration of Witold Lutoslawski in Edinburgh, where their first performance of his ‘Partita for violin and piano’ lit the spark that would lead them further.

From this fortunate start, Emma and Karin formed a deep human connection in addition to a common musical language. Their shared passion for exploring pieces from many historical periods and their preference for enjoying the unpredictability of free improvisation established the groundwork for a collaboration marked by limitless imagination and steadfast commitment.

Internationally acclaimed artist Emma Lloyd adds a plethora of expertise and originality to the team. Her violin dexterity crosses genre boundaries, fusing modern experimental with classical tradition in a seamless manner. Emma’s performances radiate a compelling blend of passion and skill, whether she is navigating the complex intricacies of baroque repertoire or exploring new sonic realms with live electronics.

Emma’s artistic abilities are enhanced by Karin Schistek, whose training in classical piano performance lends depth and resonance to their cooperation. Karin, a graduate of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, has traveled from Austria to Edinburgh and then to Essen, Germany, all the while pursuing her passion for music. Her natural ability to navigate a variety of musical terrain and her versatility as a pianist give their sound a unique quality.

Emma and Karin set out on a musical journey together that is driven by their mutual commitment to artistic integrity, curiosity, and teamwork. They use an intensely attentive and responsive approach to free improvisation, delving into the acoustic depths of their instruments with a resolute dedication to inquiry. Every show is a conversation, proof of the mutually beneficial partnership between two skilled performers.

Inspired by their common ideals of cooperation, curiosity, and artistic integrity, Emma and Karin set off on a musical journey together. With a keen and sensitive approach to free improvisation, they want to fully explore the sonic potential of their instruments. Every show is a conversation, demonstrating the supportive bond between two successful artists.

Emma Lloyd and Karin Schistek create a world where every note has significance and every quiet is full of potential. Their relationship is based on respect for one another, a common interest, and an unquenchable desire to explore new music. Emma and Karin continue to be awe-inspiring performers who push the envelope of artistic expression. Join us at IS Ruhr on Thursday 21 March to experience the magic for yourself.

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