Nov 05

05-11-2020 | CAS BLOG | By Mariam | Grade 12

Animal Shelter Volunteer

Before quarantine, I was volunteering at an animal shelter which was suggested to our class by a teacher. She let us know that the animal shelter was looking for some extra support to help out in some of the areas. The first time I went there, I was introduced to all the different areas which include different animals from reptiles to birds. They explained what kind of animals they have, where they keep them as well as the conditions they need to be in, how they take care of them and what they feed them. They specified which animals they’ll need extra help with as there are some they wouldn’t want us to handle due to some difficulties and safety purposes. Unfortunately due to COVID, I wasn’t able to keep going but the times I was there, I enjoyed it a lot because I was able to help with some of my favorite animals such as cats and rabbits even though I would’ve liked to work with reptiles because I find them very interesting. It was overall a very nice experience and I would love to do it again, not just for CAS.



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