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04-12-2023 | IB BLOG | BY EYA | GRADE 11

Interview with Juan, Edgar and Jean Carlos

Juan, Edgar and Jean Carlos are a Colombian trio who share the vibrant world of South American music with their audience.

Eya: Can you tell us about the origins of your band and how you all came together?
Juan: We came separately to Germany and managed to come together through contacts. From there we started rehearsing and playing gigs together as a ‘band’.

Eya: Can you share any interesting or memorable experiences from your live performances or tours?
Juan: At a wedding in Holland, the audience made us play an hour extra because they were having so much fun. It was a lovely experience and we didn’t expect that.

Eya: Do you collaborate as a band, or does each member contribute individually?
Juan: A bit of both. We put our creativity and experience into the covers we play: Edgar is a composer and singer in another band in Cologne; he is a guitar and bass player. Jean Carlos is a Mariachi singer and sang since 11 years old in order to make a living due to being emancipated from his family. I am a classical trumpet player, graduating with a masters in classical trumpet here in Germany. All of our roots are in Latin America and we come together to play at events from time to time.

Eya: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians or bands who are just starting out?
Juan: 10% talent, 90% dedication. Listen to all kinds of music and keep practicing your instrument. Consistency and dedication is key. Never give up!


You can see Juan, Edgar and Jean Carlos live at the IS Ruhr on 14 December. Come along! We are looking forward to seeing you.


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